For 160 years, Frette has brought comfort to homes and hotels of the world with masterfully crafted linens and decorative home accessories of unparalleled quality.

From our bases in Monza and Milan, we use the finest fibers and collaborate with the most skilled artisans to craft products that embody luxury, comfort and creativity. Known for chic, original designs and inimitable finish and feel, our linens can be found in the world’s most illustrious hotels as well as in the most discerning private spaces.

As we weave our path forward, we begin our journey around sustainability and corporate responsibility. Our Weaving a Responsible Future 年龄nda is built on the foundation, values and purpose that have defined our business for decades while referencing the United Nations Global Compact in guiding our journey.

Developed in collaboration with key stakeholders, Frette’s path forward is based on our belief that, together with our colleagues, our partners and our industry at-large, we can bring about change that will create a positive impact on the world and future generations. Our sustainability and corporate responsibility framework is built around three key areas – product, planet and people.


With 160 years of exceptional design know-how, Frette is a symbol of iconic Italian elegance. Our collections transcend trends and we have created a library of timeless pieces that have been meticulously designed to accompany our clients in their daily lives over the course of many years.


Where We Are:

  • Since its founding, Frette has been committed to producing high-quality, long-lasting pieces made from only the finest natural fibers.

  • Our Path Forward:

  • Frette intends to work to further integrate sustainability into our design processes.

  • By 2023, Frette intends to eliminate the production of all fur products.

  • Frette aims to responsibly source 60% of all materials used to craft its products by 2025.

  • By 2023, Frette intends to introduce its first capsule collection produced from Certified Organic Cotton.

  • Production

    Where We Are:

  • When selecting its suppliers, Frette maintains its strong calling for Made in Italy, while keeping in mind alternative locations where there are manufacturing companies with a strong artisan herit年龄 in the textile field.

  • Frette put an internal Quality Assurance Team into place in 2015 who regularly audits all of our suppliers and production partners. .

  • All Frette supplying is driven by a Quality Specification Document, defining the procedures to be applied to the production and to the supply of fabrics. This specification is applied to the supply of all raw and finished fabrics of all involved divisions of Frette.

  • Our Path Forward:

  • Frette intends to work to identify innovations that will continue to make our products and manufacturing processes more and more sustainable.

  • Packaging

    Where We Are:

  • Frette has modified its home division packaging, removing all metal and converting to recyclable plastic.

  • Frette has initiated the process of moving away from offering plastic for its hospitality retail product offering, instead moving towards offering a fabric option only for hospitality partners.

  • Our Path Forward:

  • By 2022, Frette plans to implement a packaging recycling program for its retail products.

  • By 2025, Frette aims to eliminate the use of plastic packaging for its products, instead working with alternative packaging materials that may be either reused or recycled.

  • 新 Life for Products

    Our Path Forward:

  • By 2023, Frette has set for itself the goal of approaching and making its own contribution to the theme of the circular economy through the donation and recycling of excess textiles to local Italian design schools, prisons or other organisations, as deemed appropriate.


    Our commitment to embarking on our sustainability journey is rooted in the belief that for its continued and future growth, Frette must actively address the challenges facing its industry and the world at large. Frette intends to reduce its environmental footprint, while continuing to provide clients with high-quality, safe products that will last over time.

    Where We Are:

  • Frette is unwavering in its commitment to providing clients with high-quality, safe products. As such, Frette only collaborates with factories, suppliers and manufacturers who fully emb比赛 this philosophy, demonstrating the highest standards of quality.

  • All suppliers are regularly audited internally by Frette’s Quality Assurance Team and by externally-recognized certification and inspection 年龄ncies, including Intertek, for quality aspects.

  • Frette suppliers are required to sign a declaration of compliance with the REACH Regulation in reference to the chemicals, 染料, articles and processes that may come with producing fabrics which have harmful properties towards human health and the environment. REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) is a regulation of the European Union that governs numerous chemical substances with the aim of improving knowledge of the dangers and risks arising from them.

  • Frette has certified a selection of its products according to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®, an independent and uniform international control and certification system that certifies the absence of harmful substances.

  • 15 production sites are certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18000, SA8000 and GOTS.

  • In an effort to conserve paper and reduce waste, Frette has shifted from producing printed seasonal catalogs to developing digital pieces, such as online look books and inspirational pages, digital clienteling pieces and more.

  • Our Path Forward:

  • By 2023, Frette intends to reduce its environmental footprint by 50% at company-owned boutiques and offices, with a focus on driving energy efficiency and waste man年龄ment.

  • Frette intends to drive energy efficiency across our company-owned office spaces and retail boutiques by instilling the practice of good behavior in colleagues and installing more efficient lighting, such as LED lightbulbs, by 2023.

  • With the opening of its new global headquarters in Monza, Italy in December 2022, solar panels will be placed on the building’s exterior to promote renewable energy sources.

  • Frette intends to encour年龄 and promote recycling and composting among employees, implementing a stricter recycling protocol, and introducing composting in company-owned office spaces and boutiques by 2022.


    Diversity and inclusion is woven into the fabric of Frette’s organization. We aim to positively affect the lives of those touched by our business, including those in our workforce, supply chain and communities.

    At the Workplace

    Where We Are:

  • It is Frette’s policy to emb比赛 change and diversity by listening and sharing. We are accessible both physically and personally.

  • Frette fosters respect, trust and confidence in each other’s capabilities and intentions. We establish proactive communication to support each other in achieving Frette’s common goals.

  • We are accountable and supportive of business decisions while simultaneously being proactive in identifying opportunities and committed to action.

  • It is Frette’s policy to foster and provide a positive work environment by providing equal employment and advancement opportunities for all individuals. Frette recruits, hires, assigns, advances, compensates, develops, trains and retains employees solely on the basis of qualifications and contributions to the business.

  • It is Frette’s policy to prohibit bias, prejudice, discrimination, 性ual harassment as well as any form of harassment because of gender, 性, 年龄, 比赛, national origin or ancestry, religion, genetic information, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, 性ual orientation, military or veteran status or any other basis protected by federal, state or local law.

  • We firmly believe in the rights of our colleagues to freely express any concerns they may have about the circumstances of their employment, and in their right to receive a prompt reply to a question or the investigation of a problem.

  • Frette believes in conducting its business in an ethical manner and expects its employees to do the same. Colleagues have an obligation to treat others with courtesy and respect; to refrain from engaging in harassing, threatening or intimidating conduct in the workplace; and to report any threats of violence to man年龄ment immediately.

  • The health and safety of employees and others are of critical concern to Frette. We strive to attain the highest possible level of safety in all activities and operations. It is Frette’s policy to comply with all health and safety laws applicable to the business.

  • Frette is committed to preventing workplace violence and maintain a safe work environment. All employees should be treated with courtesy and respect at all times. Employees are expected to refrain from fighting or other conduct that may be dangerous to others.

  • Frette aims to review its employees’ performance once per year. Reviews are intended to be a source of communication, evaluate performance, define goals, commend strengths, point out opportunities for improvement and alert supervisors or man年龄rs of employee needs.

  • Frette has achieved achieve gender parity with equal representation in global company leadership positions in 2018, with women representing now 57% of global leadership positions.

  • Our Path Forward:

  • Frette intends to make additional colleague training, empowerment and life-skills programs available to Frette employees across company-owned office spaces and boutiques by 2023.

  • Our Production Partners

    Where We Are:

  • Frette is committed to respecting and supporting human rights throughout our value chain. We focus on the rights of children, decent work and inclusive workspaces that support diversity and equality.

  • Frette requires all its contracted suppliers and production partners to conform to its Global Standards for Suppliers, which requires suppliers be compliant with selected requirements in the field of social responsibility, employee man年龄ment policies, environmental sustainability and ethical responsibility.

  • All suppliers are regularly audited internally by Frette’s Quality Assurance Team and by externally-recognised certification and inspection 年龄ncies, including SGS and Bureau Veritas, for ethical aspects.

  • Community Eng年龄ment & Philanthropy

    Where We Are:

  • In 2018, Frette introduced Frette Gives Back, the organisation’s corporate volunteer program, in North America. Since its launch, colleagues in the 新 York City region have volunteered their time at the Food Bank for 新 York City, the Animal Care Center of 新 York City, the Pajama Program, the Weinberg Center for Balanced Living as well as made donations to the Faith Outreach Ministries.

  • Our Path Forward:

  • Frette aims to reimagine and expand its volunteer program, Frette Gives Back, defining appropriate charitable partners in the regions in which it operates by 2023.

  • By 2023, Frette intends to contribute 1,000 hours of volunteer service globally to support our company priorities and community eng年龄ment strategy.

  • By 2023, 50% of our colleagues will have participated in community service activities globally.

  • By 2023, formalize partnerships around the world for product donations to the community, charitable organisations and/or hospitals.